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All Prices displayed on the anycake.com web site are exclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax). Some products attract VAT @ 20% & other products are Zero VAT rated.

The following products are Zero VAT Rated:

Icing Sheets, Edible inks, Wafer Products, Printed Cake Tops.

The following products attract VAT at 20%

Printers, Printer cables, Aitbrush & compressor kits & parts


As soon as a customer clicks on the 'Buy Now' for a product, the customers shopping cart will be displayed. This page will display any VAT charges on both products & delivery. For VAT & delivery charges to be displayed the customer must first of all 'Register an account' & then 'log in' to the anycake.com website.

VAT on Delivery
When an entire purchase is made from our website, which does not involve VAT, or we are able to zero rate your entire purchase of products, VAT will not be chargeable on the carriage to yourself. If any item of your purchase contains is chargeable of VAT, the carriage charge will be subject to VAT.

If you need any clarification regarding VAT, you can contact us here, and e-mail your question, or, if you wish, HM Revenue and Customs has a helpline available to the public which is open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday telephone number 0845 010 9000.