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Clean Print Head Check & Cleaning
- Goto your Windows 'Control Panel'
- Open 'Printers & Faxes'
- Right click on your Canon printer model
- Select 'Properties'
- Click on the 'Maintenance' Tab
- To clean the print head click on 'Deep Cleaning'
- To check the print head click on 'Nozzel Check' & follow the instructions

IP3600/4700 Rear Tray instructions:
When printing on our edible icing sheets the Rear printer paper tray should be used.
- In Windows go to your 'Control Panel' & 'Printers & Faxes'
- Right Click in the printer & select 'properties'
- Select the 'Maintenance' tab
- Click on 'Paper source Setting…………'
- Select 'Rear Tray' & click on 'Send'

4.5x7.5 inch icing sheets
The '4.5x7.5 inch icing sheets' are a custom size.
To print on this size using the DTD software choose:
- 1\4 sheet (portrait or landscape)
- custom size
- rectangle
& then decrease the size accordingly to 4.5x7.5 inch.