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Printers for Cakes

Canon ix6850 edible ink printing kit including edible inks & icing sheets

A3/A4 Printer for use with anycake.com's edible ink cartridges & icing sheets.

Printer Cable - USB
1.8m USB printer cable for use with Canon Printer


Printers for use with anycake.com's edible ink cartridges & icing sheets

Decorating cakes with photos or other images is becoming more and more popular but in the past the systems were expensive. Not anymore! Whether you are a wholesale/retail bakery, supermarket or home cake decorator our computerised cake decorating solution will fit your budget and allow you to decorate cakes with photos, images and any text you desire. There is no expensive special equipment required. All you need is a computer, scanner & a compatible printer with our edible inks.  Replace the regular printer inks with our edible inks and print on our edible icing sheets. You can then produce edible printed designs for your cakes.

If using edible inks in your printer you will require a new printer that has never used standard printing ink. You can NOT install edible ink cartridges in a printer that has already used standard printer ink as the edible ink will get contaminated.