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Airbrush Food Colours

KROMA AIRBRUSH FOOD COLOURS - Full set of 118ml bottles
Kroma Food Colours in 118ml bottles
Perfect for decorating cakes
11x Colours plus Airbrush Cleaner

KROMA COLOURS - Full set of 240ml bottles
Kroma Food Colours in 240ml bottles
Perfect for decorating cakes
11x Colours plus Airbrush Cleaner

KROMA COLOURS 240ml - Individual bottle - Choose from 11 different colours
Kroma Food Colour Size:
1x 240ml bottle
Perfect for decorating cakes

PME Airbrush Lustre Colour - GOLD

PME Airbrush Lustre Colour:
GOLD - 25g

PME Airbrush Lustre Colour - BRONZE

PME Airbrush Lustre Colour:
BRONZE - 25g

PME Airbrush Lustre Colour - PEARL

PME Airbrush Lustre Colour:
PEARL - 25g

Airbrush Cleaner Fluid 266ML
Airbrush Cleaner Fluid
Size: 1x 266ml bottle


KopyKake KROMA Airbrush COLOURS:

An array of 11 shades of liquid food colours designed for airbrush cake decorating. The usefulness of Kroma Colours is almost endless. They can be used to colour any icings, fondant, etc. They can also be used to colour cake mixes, breads, or almost any baked foods. KROMA COLOURS have the impact and intensity needed for virtually all cake decorating airbrush applications, from delicate shadings to lively vibrant colours. All KROMA COLOURS can be mixed to create just about any desired colour. With the addition of just a few drops of our OPAQUE WHITE colour, you can now produce soft pastel tones, and grays that were not possible before. This white colour even allows the covering or spraying of writing errors. KROMA COLOURS are available in sets of 11 assorted colours, in either 9 oz (266ml) or 4 oz (118ml) bottles. Each bottle cap has the same colour as its contents, for instant identification. Available Colours: White, Black, Brown, Blue, Violet, Green, Red, Orange, Pink, Flesh & Yellow. All KROMA COLOURS are EEC, FDA, and made with Kosher approved ingredients.


Developed by PME to ensure smooth even flow while airbrushing. Can be sprayed directly onto sugar paste or royal icing as well as decorating leaves, flowers & foliage. Colours available: Bronze, Gold & Pearl. Size of bottles 25g