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About Us

Anycake.com is a company based in Northern Ireland, & has been supplying Computerised Cake Design equipment to the bakery trade, shop retailers & schools since 1999.
Computerised Cake Design equipment consists primarily of a computer, scanner & printer. Using our specially formulated edible inks & icing sheets the system is used for printing photographs & images on cakes.

We started as a small business supplying edible inks & icing sheets for use in producing pictures on celebration cakes. We gradually increased our product range to include many other items for decorating cakes. These include edible ink writing pens, cake icing, edible wafer flowers, cake frill & kroma food colours, plus many other products. We stock the largest variety of wafer flowers & leaves in the UK & these products have proved to be very popular for decorating party cakes, fairy cakes & even wedding cakes.

When we started business the concept of printing photographs or images on cakes was relatively new. When the systems first became available about 10 years ago, they proved to be unaffordable to most bakeries as the systems started at a price of around £15,000 UK pounds. Most bakeries could not justify an investment of this size.

Our system for printing pictures on cakes is not only the most inexpensive on the market to purchase, but also has the most economic running costs. The quality of the designed prints is second to none. Have a look at our Cake Gallery for examples of cakes produced using our edible inks & icing sheets (also know as edible paper or frosting sheets).

The edible inks & icing sheets we supply have proved to be very successful. The price is very affordable even for the smallest bakery that may not be selling a large quantity of cakes. In our experience we have found that a bakery can easily treble its cake sales in 4-6 weeks of using this system. Marketing the new system is extremely simple. First of all, put a few dummy cakes on display in the bakery/retail shop. After that, 'word of mouth' takes over, and cake sales are dramatically increased.

Please feel free to contact us by telephone or email if you require more information. You may also visit our cake decorating forum where you can ask questions or share your cake decorating ideas.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.

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