Edible pictures on cakes...

Decorating cakes with photos or other images is becoming more and more popular but in the past the systems were expensive. Not anymore! Whether you are a wholesale/retail bakery, supermarket or home cake decorator our computerised cake decorating solution will fit your budget and allow you to decorate cakes with photos, images and any text you desire. There is no expensive special equipment required. All you need is a computer, scanner & a compatible printer with our edible inks.  Replace the regular printer inks with our edible inks and print on our edible icing sheets. You can then produce edible printed designs for your cakes.

Have photographs, images, or even company logos put on a cake to celebrate that special occasion. Schools also use our products as a teaching tool for CAD/CAM food technology at key stage 4. From the feedback received, pupils especially enjoy using our products & benefit from the learning experience.

We also offer printed cake tops for customers who either wish to bake their own cake or purchase their cake locally. Discounts are available for large orders of printed cake tops.